Flag Day = Fledge Day x2! K43 at TH and Justice at RF fledged today!

K43 Fledges from TH

Today in the US, we celebrate Flag Day, so what a great day for two of our youngest national symbols to take flight for the first time!  Always a breathtaking moment to see! One on the west coast of the country, and one on the east coast.   Eaglet K43 at the IWS Two Harbors nest and Eaglet Justice at the RF nest in Virginia look like they have fledged.  Neither eaglet has been spotted since they fledged, but it has only been a few hours and on their first journey away from the nest, it is not unheard of for them to be away from the nest for a couple of days. Parents will keep a good eye on their young ones, wherever they are.  Big congrats to our two big eaglets!!!  (in the picture you can see the shadow of K43 as she went up on her first flight)

Here is a video of K43’s fledge from Janntone

5 thoughts on “Flag Day = Fledge Day x2! K43 at TH and Justice at RF fledged today!”

    1. I don’t think there really is a preferred time of day. Perhaps more often earlier rather than later in the day, but that is just my off the cuff thought. Seems like the don’t usually go just before dark, but I’m sure that happens sometimes. It seems they just go when they are ready. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

  1. Confirmation videos are coming in now. I know it may take some time to post this because I need to use at lest one link. The confirmation and actual footage of K32’s fledge was done by Deb Stecyk on YouTube. You can search for her page, it’s the last video she uploaded. As far as Justice is concerned, they have moved the live cam site 3 times today, to make matters a little bit worse. (LOL). All I can do is give you the site to the live cam where you will see an empty nest with 2 fish in it. To me, that means Justice has left the building. He may come back, as most do, for some food, and it will be waiting for him. Here is the “new and improved” website for the cam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt1Vc_2hrss

    Hope you don’t have too much trouble with my posting the link,Twizz, as you did the last time I posted one. Hopefully it will go through so people can see for themselves these 2 healthy and strong fledglings are now soaring the thermals and staying safe (fingers crossed). TY Twizz.

  2. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments or videos of these fledges, or confirmations. I have nothing from the people I subscribe to on YouTube about either of these. I know everyone was waiting for these 2 eaglets/fledglings to fledge, and the time to fledge had come and gone. It seemed to be a little tricky for K43 to fledge from a rock ledge with no trees in sight; Justice had been branching lately. Just wondering why my “sources” have not come through on any news. Well, K43 and Justice, all I can say is fly high, soar those thermals, and be safe (most of all).

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