Crisis at the Maine Nest! – Larger eaglet savagely attacks smaller one!


From the info that I’ve seen, it appears that the larger eaglet has attacked and killed or severely wounded the smaller eaglet.  (update: just after I posted this, the smaller eaglet was seen getting up!)  Watchers note that the smaller one may have also injured the eye of the larger one during the fight.  I did not see it happen, but those that did see the fight,  say it was the most horrific and gruesome thing they have witnessed on a nestcam.  In the past week, food deliveries have diminished, with virtually no food delivered in the last day, and no food for the smaller one for the last 3 days.   This nest has had too much tragedy in the last few years, and this is so hard to see happen.    link to cam (provided with caution):

14 thoughts on “Crisis at the Maine Nest! – Larger eaglet savagely attacks smaller one!”

  1. Simply horrific. I have never seen 2 large eaglets (almost the size of parents, think I read almost 3 mos old) attack like this. This makes no sense, even if both were starving. I watched this nest 2 years ago, I think, when one eaglet pushed the other out of the nest to his death. I have not had the heart to watch this nest again. I understand something tragic happened last year, also.

    On top of all this tragedy, when I went to the web cam site a few hours ago, it appears there were some nasty trolls in both SS and Chat that were calling people nasty names. I wanted to express my condolences for the loss of their little eaglet, but there was no way to get a word in edgewise. I’m sure the regular watchers of this cam did not need this at this particular time. Some people can really be hurtful.

    I will try tomorrow morning, but I’m afraid the eagle nation is not being able to access either Chat or SS to bring any comfort to the regulars and to show support. This may be a very difficult situation to understand, but the eagle nation needs to be there for the followers of this cam, not the eagles. Please keep trying. ♥

  2. This is just so sad! Something very similar happened last year at this nest. I don’t know that the smallest was attacked last year but I know it didn’t survive. The larger one was getting all of the food, which wasn’t really very much. I haven’t watched it much this year, just checked in occasionally. I’m very glad I haven’t watched and I certainly won’t now! I don’t understand why food is so scarce when there is water below the nest, but I don’t know if it’s a river or ocean.
    Thank you, Twizz, for this very difficult report!!

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