Did eaglet H2 at Pittsburgh Hays fall from the nest or fledge?

Pittsburgh Hays H2

The PixController folks are indicating that the oldest eaglet,  H2,  fell from the nest. Some who watched are not sure that it was not a fledge.  But it is good to know that appropriate folks have been notified so that it can be checked.   Here is what was written on the PixController Facebook page: along with a link to video of the event


We have had a situation at the Hays bald eagle nest this evening. H2, the oldest eaglet, appears to have fallen from the nest around 8:45 PM this evening. We have notified the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Western PA Audubon Society to properly deal with this situation. We will keep everyone updated on this issue as best as we can.

3 thoughts on “Did eaglet H2 at Pittsburgh Hays fall from the nest or fledge?”

  1. It clearly fell. I understand that people want to be optimistic about what happened. But it clearly fell when it accidentally hit a branch when it was trying to hop into the nest. Then it dropped like a rock past the edge of the nest. There was no “launch” or attempt to fly.

    1. “Fledging” is what they call the first time a bird flies away from the nest under its own power. Their first real flight. Eaglets often do what is called “branching” before that, where they hop, fly up to branches near the nest, as they learn and grow strong. Then comes the day when they fledge and actually fly from the nest. Hope that helps explain! Twizz

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