Eaglet rescue at Decorah!

The Raptor Resource Project Facebook page is reporting that Bob from RRP has rescued an eaglet on Trout Stream Road.  It was seen in the road and protected by bystanders, but did not try to fly when Bob arrived.  He has captured it and they will provide more info as soon as they have it.   Here is the statement on the Facebook Page:


Bob found one of the eaglets! The Decorah police called to let him know an eaglet was in the middle of Trout Stream road. He dashed down there and found people directing traffic around the eaglet. When he tried to get it out of the road, it scrambled into the woods, leading him on quite a chase before he caught it.

Bob is concerned that the eaglet never tried to fly. He is going to feed it and hold it overnight for observation. We’ll upload a photo when we get one, but we wanted to let everyone know right away. We don’t yet know which eaglet he has.

3 thoughts on “Eaglet rescue at Decorah!”

  1. How wonderful the locals recognized what this was and protected it. Thank good for the police assistance and Bob’s prompt arrival. Makes one proud that people like these still exist.

  2. As of 7:30 pm EST, RRP has posted a photograph of the eaglet that was rescued by Bob on their FB page. I’m sure any new information will be posted on the RRP FB page, too, as soon as it is available. There is no confirmation on who this eaglet is, but it was found very close to the nest (N2) walking in the road. As I said, RRP and the Mods have been releasing information that is confirmed as soon as they get it. The statement you have here is the latest. There have been no updates on injuries or lack of injuries. The “search” continues for the other fledglings who have not been seen since they fledged. Mom and Dad Decorah are flying in the area and perching on the old nest (N1). The Mods and RRP have been handling this situation very, very well. The Mods have been very supportive and kind. RRP’s FB page as well as their blog is full of educational information about all stages of an eagle’s life. It’s been a pleasure to see this education combined with anything observed on the nest. RRP is doing an excellent job. I am hoping this is just an eaglet that landed on the ground and is finding it difficult to get up in the trees, and that there are no injuries.

    Thank you, Twizz, for keeping all of us updated.

  3. Twizz,
    This is one of the nests I do watch. I know you will post any info you get, but I will watch too. I have been gone all day and am now just trying to get caught up on nest news. The last I knew, none of the eaglets had been seen. It’s good to know one of them has been found and being cared for. Thanks as always for your update.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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