More info on the Decorah Eaglets

First, for the eaglet that was found strolling down the road, monitored and fed overnight and then released by Bob Anderson.  They have confirmed that it was D20.  D20 received some bling in the form of a transmitter and leg band, and most importantly, was seen being fed by Dad Decorah today! That was terrific news!

The other eaglet has now been confirmed to have a broken wing and will receive surgery on Wednesday to pin the injury.  Here’s the status update posted by SOAR this afternoon  on their Facebook page, after X-rays were done:


~Update on the Decorah Juvenile Eagle: June 23, 2014~

From Kay Neumann, Executive Director, SOAR

“X-ray shows oblique humerus fracture about an inch from the shoulder joint. Dr. Dirks will do surgery on Wednesday to pin. Will get plenty of food and fluids in him/her between now and surgery”

[The humerus is the large bone between the coracoid (shoulder) and the radius and ulna (elbow)]

Also, in addition to the food and fluids he/she was administered, an oral anti-fungal/anti-bacterial medicine called metronidazole was given. It neutralizes bacteria in the stomach in case they haven’t eaten or have eaten something not so yummy – it is just a precaution and it should also help the bug bites, which are looking much better

We have no information on the gender or the ID of this eaglet at the time of this post. We are trying to get a photo to post here very soon. Raptor Resource Project can attempt to ID through pictures at a later time. We would like to thank Raptor Resource Project for the collaborative effort with this Bald Eagle, and for the trust given to us to treat!

We would also like to give a big THANK YOU to all of the fans and followers that have donated to SOAR! All donations go straight to patient care, food, and treatment supplies, and they are greatly needed and appreciated!

6 thoughts on “More info on the Decorah Eaglets”

  1. I am so relieved to know of the status of these remarkable young birds.. and their parents.. Reading that D20 was being fed brought such relief… and that the broken wing will heal; I am so very grateful that you are providing followup tracking for this family of eagles.. they worked so hard to assure the little ones’ survival.. thank you for all that you are doing..

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