HB5 released at Harrison Bay! Parents and sibling (HB6) seen nearby!

Yippee and big thanks to AEF and all who helped with injured eaglet HB5’s rescue and recovery!  HB5 was released today back at the park and was seen flying immediately to a tree near the nest.  The parents were reported to be seen nearby as was HB5’s sibling, HB6.      Bret Douglas was there and has a wonderful set of photos here: http://bretdouglas.smugmug.com/BearTraceEagles/i-2Q6MgDZ    Bret’s beautiful photos cover the whole 2014 season at the nest, so make sure you scroll to the end (pages 3 and 4) for today’s pics.     Link to cam: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/harrison-bay-eagle-cam

6 thoughts on “HB5 released at Harrison Bay! Parents and sibling (HB6) seen nearby!”

  1. Twizz,
    This may be the best slideshow I have ever seen. This photographer is spectacular. The angles and closeups are just breathtaking. HB5 looks so healthy, alert and strong. Al and his group at AEF are such a blessing, as are all rehabbers. I thank them so much. Twizz, thank you for sharing these pictures with us.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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