Quick update on Decorah eaglets – looking good!

Just a quick summary update (and I’m not even going to try and use their names LOL):  The eaglet with the broken wing, had surgery a few days ago to pin the break and continues to recover at SOAR.  They are reporting today that for the first time since surgery the eaglet ate “whole giant chicken leg on his own”, which is great news!   The other two eaglets are hanging out at the Decorah Yard Waste Facility mulch pile and are being fed by Dad, and both parents are in the area, keeping an eye on them.   So, a different experience than past years, but all seems good at this point. 

3 thoughts on “Quick update on Decorah eaglets – looking good!”

  1. Twizz,
    Unlike a couple of other nests, there is great coverage coming from this nest. RRP and Soar put out regular updates, have posted pictures and answer comments on their Facebook page. There are birders on the ground who are helpful too. Despite the conditions at this nest (gnats, owl attacks, clumsy fledges, weather, etc), these eaglets have a chance to survive. The folks at RRP and SOAR have been super. I imagine you know this, Twizz, but thought I would mention it. Twizz, thank you for everything.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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