They went thatta way! Fledges, Fludges, and other adventures!

Oh my!  it’s been a heart-stopping couple of days for eagleholics!  The eaglets are making their way into the world in spectacular fashion!  (attached pic shows fun stick arrow that chatters have noticed in MNB nest)

At MN Bound, Arky was seen fludging (accidental looking fledge), and I don’t believe has been spotted yet.  It was first thought to be Dakota, but further review of the tape showed it was Arky.

At MN DNR, both Crackle and Pop fledged today!  I haven’t heard yet if they’ve been spotted.

At Maine, the eaglet appeared to fludge, but was very vocal and when parent with food came into the nest, the eaglet flew back to a branch above the nest and dropped right back onto that food!  A little clunky, but oh so beautiful to see!

4 thoughts on “They went thatta way! Fledges, Fludges, and other adventures!”

  1. The are some pictures of the MN DNR eaglets taken prior to the fledge on the Hancock Wildlife forum – Other North America Cameras – taken by someone from DNR. Hopefully they will have spotters our to provide us updates. The update did say they has a crew working on the cam wiring at ground level but the issue apprears to be with the equipment at the nest.

  2. Twizz,
    As always, your updates are very much appreciated.

    The DNR cam has been down since the last storm, so I had no idea what was happening. I was so looking forward to watching Crackle and Pop fledge. Just my opinion, but the DNR Facebook page is not kept up to date. It’s difficult to get much news from there. I was so looking forward to watching Crackle and Pop fledge. They were the best little eagles and so nice to each other.

    I was watching the MNBOUND nest last night when the fludge happened. There is no news coming from there either. We follow the nests all season, but then updates aren’t forthcoming. It’s disappointing and I truly depend and appreciate all you do for us eagleholics.

    I am happy to read about the Maine nest. How wonderful for the eagle family and all who follow that nest.

    Please keep those updates coming, Twizz. You’re the best.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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