Tragic electrocution loss of Decorah’s D18 eaglet today

I’m very sad to report that D18 (EWOT) was electrocuted today.   Here is what RRP posted on Facebook about what happened:

7-8-14 ~ We are Heartbroken to Announce the Electrocution of our Male Juvenile Decorah Eaglet (EWOT / believed to be D18)

Bob Anderson has released this statement:
“This morning the one young 2014 male eagle was seen soaring high over the bluff near Decorah compost site. We were all impressed by his flying skill. We believe that the young eagle was on his way back to the compost site when he attempted to land on the power pole about 1/2 mile from the compost site. This was a high transmission power pole and the eaglet suffered burns on its wing (wrist) and singed feathers on his feet. The electricity either entered through its feet and out the wing or vice versa, and his wing was nearly severed.We are all very saddened as his flying prowess led us to believe that we would have a long lived male eagle to compliment the data from our famous D1”.

You may recall the Decorah eagles D12 and D14 were both electrocuted in 2012, and while many of the power poles around the nest and hatchery were retrofitted, not all poles in Decorah were, and this pole was quite a distance from the nest tree.

We will have more information tomorrow as we learn more.

12 thoughts on “Tragic electrocution loss of Decorah’s D18 eaglet today”

  1. It is 7/29/14. I am still with a heavy heart for this Eagle’s tragic ending. I can only hope for a miracle for “Soars” tail feathers to heal quickly. Ty so much for your loving care. ❤

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