Eaglet “Jules” from Hancock White Rock nest Fledges!

White Rock

One of the eaglets from the HWF White Rock nest fledged early this morning.  Big thanks to Chris for the heads up!  Christian Sasse has had one of his wonderful live feeds going with a cam pointed at Jules where s/he ended up in a nearby tree.   The live feed with Christian narrating events as they happen can be found here: http://www.hancockwildlife.org/index.php?topic=LiveStream   As I write (11:45 am nest time – PDT), Christian has the camera on, but left for a well earned break, and Jules decided to pop to another location just a few minutes later, so at the moment I don’t see Jules on cam.   It looks just Indy is on the main nest cam, so not sure where Jules is, but hear screeping and Jules was preening and looking quite comfortable on Christian’s cam feed.    Here is the link to the main White Rock cams: http://www.hancockwildlife.org/index.php?topic=White-Rock-Eagle1 Oops, there goes the camera view changing again, so things changing quickly, and I see Indy doing some beautiful branching! Oh, Christian just came back, and I may have seen Jules fly by the main camera.  Okay, gonna stop typing and get this posted and get back to watching.   Exciting day at White Rock, and oh, how beautiful the view is from that regular cam!  Congrats to all the White Rock fans!

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