Lake Washington nest disintegrates – eaglets ok!

Wow, checked in on the Lake Washington cam and the nest was just plain gone! Thankfully, there is a very helpful thread over on the Hancock Wildlife Forum where watchers have been posting pictures and info as the nest was falling apart in the last few days.  They note that they have seen both eaglets.  The eaglets are over 11 weeks old.  It is not known if they have technically fledged, but they are old enough to, and so are doing fine as far as folks have been able to see.  Being fed on the branches by parents, etc.   Link to cam:

4 thoughts on “Lake Washington nest disintegrates – eaglets ok!”

  1. As you know Twizz–this is one of the nests that I follow at HWF. It was astounding how fast that nest fell apart! One day it looked OK and the next it seemed like it was getting smaller and now it is just plain gone!! The nest stood empty for 2 seasons and then this year all of a sudden there were eggs in the nest with almost no nestorations done. I think that would pretty much explain the disintegration of the nest. The eaglets have been spending their time on the thick, trunk-like branches but it is hard to know if they have fledged with a fixed cam on a 10 second delay this year. The both seem to be fine and healthy.

  2. Yikes! How awful. I’ll jump over to the Hancock site to see just what happened. This is not a nest I follow, but anything that affects eagles affects me. Thank you so much for always keeping us up to date. Twizz, you’re the best!

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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