Eaglet Scootch, fledges, falls, flys and then disappears

Folks at the Hornby nest are reporting that about an hour after Scootch fledged, she fell (video link below), was seen flying after that, but has not been seen since. Here’s is what was reported on their Facebook page:  “Scootch left the Nest Tree for the first time friday august 8 just before 5pm. An hour later, she lost her footing on the branch & suffered a terrible fall. She was reportedly seen flying away from the fall with both adults. There were two more reported sightings of her, one just after the fall, & one at 8pm. She hasn*t been seen or heard since. Please contact us if you think you see a young Eagle in this area who may be her.”  Video of the fall (thanks CrayJ): http://youtu.be/z_5Uy_wzu7w Hoping she is seen again soon!

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