Getting ready for the new season and some news tidbits

Amazingly its time to get ready for the new season! Yippee!  I’ve done a general reset of the cam list.  The link has changed, so be sure to update any saved bookmarks, etc.  The current link is   As I get specific information on the status of the cams, I will update the info on the list.

New eaglecam!  I know of one new cam so far this year.  Another cam for Georgia!  They installed the equipment this summer and will go online when the eagles return to the nest.  They said they expect that to be around December.   Its listed as the Savannah cam – Skidaway on the list at this point.  Not sure what they will call it officially, so that may change.

Here are some news tidbits of things that have been happening in the past few weeks:

Cam upgrades and news

  • At the Berry eaglecam, they’ve added a second cam and will have sound this year!
  • At the Northeast Florida cam, they’ve also done some upgrading for the new season, adding solar!
  • The rumor mill has it that Ft St Vrain may be getting new cams!
  • Plans at IWS are to install cams on the new Pelican Harbor nest on Santa Cruz Island later this fall!

Eagle news

  • Our usually first to lay ‘southern’ eaglecam pairs have arrived back at their nests from their summer vacation and have been seen at their nests!  Romeo and Juliet at the Northeast Florida nest, Ozzie and Harriet at Southwest Florida and the Berry eaglecam pair in Georgia look they are all getting ready for a new nesting season.  Last year, our first eaglecam egg was laid on Nov 14!
  • We’ve also seen the pair return at the Alcoa nest, some of the IWS nests and others.
  • Decorah’s eaglet D20 (SOAR) who had a broken wing, will not be able to be released.  He has a calcification where the break healed and can’t fly.  Plans are to train SOAR to be an educational eagle.
  • Destiny, released at AEF in Tennessee, has been spotted in Ohio, looking fine and doing what young eagles do
  • Near the Wolf River cam an adult eagle was found injured and is now in care.  Some suspect that it was one of the pair from the eaglecam nest.  Hard to be sure.
  • A bit of sad news at Duke Farms, the juvenile male, D-98, was found dead by residents of Little Sebago Lake, Maine.   There was surprise that he had made it so far from the nest area, so soon after fledge.

7 thoughts on “Getting ready for the new season and some news tidbits”

    1. another hard loss. For those who don’t know, this refers to the Duke Farms first year eaglet that was lost this summer after it had traveled about 390 miles up to Maine and was attacked by an adult.

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