Early nests to watch

The season started this week with the official opening of the Northeast Florida and Southwest Florida cams.  Chat is up an running periodically at both and frequency will increase as we get closer to egg laying time.  Some great nestorations going on at both.

There are also a surprising number of cams whose main activity will be later in the season that are already up and running and seeing eagle activity.  I’m doing my best to keep the cam list updated with the official status.

Here’s a list, in order based on previous years, of which nests may have eggs between now and the end of January.  All but Sutton are already online, and I included the new Skidaway Georgia cam in the list because being in the south, I would expect it to be fairly early, but it is not online yet.

Northeast Florida (eggs last year in November)
Southwest Florida (eggs last year in November)
Sutton Sequoyah (eggs in December two years ago, last year they used a different nest so exact date unknown)
Berry College (eggs last year in January)
Blackwater Refuge (eggs last year in January)
Carolina Raptor Center (eggs last year in January) click the ‘eacam’ tab in the cam window

Skidaway Savannah (cam to come online when eagles return – expected in December)

Happy watching!!  The photo above is a beautiful and amazingly wonderful quality screen capture from the Northeast Florida cam.  I think it’s Juliet, but don’t quote me.



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