Season Five is Live at Eagles4kids!

The cams at Eagles4kids are up and running for the season.  While they do not normally lay eggs until March at this nest, there has been lots of eagle traffic and nest visits seen on the cams!  The male at this nest “Larry” has been auditioning females as he looks for a new mate, and it looks like there are lots of eagles checking out the nest.  There seemed to be some serious bonding between Larry and a female called “NF” for “New Female” by watchers in the months since Lucy (Larry’s previous mate) disappeared.   Just this morning, there was a pair doing some nestorations.

For those who don’t know the history of this nest and the inspirational story of Larry’s mate Lucy, who overcame the loss of all talons on one foot, and was doing amazingly well, but then disappeared in March of 2014, there is great information and more of the story here:   Link to cams:  or two cams with chat page:

5 thoughts on “Season Five is Live at Eagles4kids!”

  1. Thank you Twizzkid; Lucy is a serious disability and can not hunt like other eagles, I’m afraid that it might not survive the winter. I watched this nest every day since the winter 2012, I remember very well last season and I’m sad, I really miss her.

  2. Lucy has not disappeared, Lucy was chased away by the NF, young and healthy female. I loved Lucy and I just can not accept that 😦

    1. I miss Lucy tremendously. She was a personal inspiration with her courage and strength. I didn’t mean to offend, we just don’t know for sure the whole story, and we know she initially left on her own. I choose to believe that she is thriving somewhere as a non-breeding female and can focus on her own survival, we were able to see that she has the basic skills she needs.

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