Update and Corrections – Lafarge and Eagles4kids

Happily, although I relayed the earlier report that there would be no Hancock Lafarge cams this year, after the nest and nest tree were broken, they have  been able to get the side view camera (not mounted on the tree) working again.   This way we will get to see if the eagles use the previously built artificial nest (AN).  There are reports that the eagles are visiting the AN.   So, I have moved the side view cam link back up into the main part of the eaglecam list.

At Eagles4kids, I had reported that the male – Larry – was auditioning females, since his previous mate, Lucy left last year.  Talon (the teacher at Eagles4kids) has noted that he has not been able to verify that the any male seen at the nest so far this year, is for sure, Larry. So..no Larry so far.    It is very early in the season for this nest, but there is lots of eagle traffic.  It will be exciting for sure, to see how it all plays out.


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