Much harrassed Norfolk eagle pair now safely nesting on private land

Such wonderful news! the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle pair are safe and nesting on private land.  I know many of you have followed the saga of the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagles, a past and much loved eaglecam location.  For the past couple of years the eagles were harassed and any attempt to build a nest torn down.    As a result of the destructive harassment, a group of dedicated eagle lovers came together to form the non-profit group Eagle On Alliance and filed a lawsuit to stop the Fish and Wildlife Service and others from continuing to destroy nests and harass the eagles in the garden.  It became apparent that the airport is not doing what it should to mitigate wildlife hazards and it seems clear to everyone but the authorities that ‘discouraging’ the eagles from nesting in the garden was a short-sighted solution to any perceived problem.   Happily, we now know that the eagle pair have found a place to nest on private land, which brings a huge sigh of relief, but the lawsuit continues in pursuit of keeping the eagles safe in the long term.   I have copied the first paragraph of the press release below, and then a link to the full release and website where you can learn more about the Eagle On Alliance group and the efforts.

From the Eagle On Alliance press release:

“Eagle On Alliance announced today that the famous Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG) bald eagles appear to be safe and sound with a nest outside of the Norfolk Botanical Garden where they have nested since 2003. Having endured two years of nest destruction and harassment by the federal “Wildlife Services,” the NBG eagles have wisely chosen to build a new nest on private property where they cannot be disturbed. The new nest is on property not open to the public and to protect the eagles from further harassment, the location will not be disclosed. ”  full press release can be read here:

8 thoughts on “Much harrassed Norfolk eagle pair now safely nesting on private land”

  1. So very happy to hear this exciting news. Thank you EOA for all your hard work. Nature has found a way despite man’s attempts at intervention!! We were truly blessed to have many years of viewing these majestic eagles and I do miss watching them, but sooooo happy to hear this wonderful news. God bless Dad Norfolk and his lovely Dirty Tale. Sweet Eagle Dreams to you both may you live with no further harassment from humans!

  2. I am beyond thrilled at this wonderful news!! So happy these beautiful eagles are doing well now. Huge thank you to EOA for their continued efforts. Fish and Wildlife Services should be seriously ashamed of their treatment of our National Bird.

    Thank you for the update. I can go to sleep now with a happy heart.

  3. Twizz,
    So happy to hear good news about the Norfolk pair. It makes my heart sing. My thoughts and prayers are with them for many successful nests and long life. I congratulate EOA for all their hard work and dedication. I’m shocked at the treatment our eagles received from the federal Wildlife Services and NBG. Shame on them. I hope something positive can be learned from this whole experience. For now, I wish this precious pair seasons full of peace, joy and free from harassment. They certainly deserve it.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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