New Eaglecam is live! John Bunker Sands Wetland Center in Texas!

Looks like we have a new eaglecam up and running and this one is in Texas.  The first eaglecam that I know of in Texas! Yay!  Here is a link to the cam page (click ‘Live Video Feed’ to get the video running. There is wonderful info on that page and on their Facebook page   This cam has  a special story in that humans moved the nest this year to a safer location for the eagles.  The cam is solar powered and so will be subject to weather issues.

3 thoughts on “New Eaglecam is live! John Bunker Sands Wetland Center in Texas!”

  1. I remember reading about this nest being moved I don’t live in Texas, but was still just as proud of all the effort they have made to make sure the Eagles have a safe home. Those power lines were so dangerous for them to be nesting by. Kudos to the Falcon Steel & Oncor & every one involved.

  2. Thanks Twizz for mentioning this nest. I’ve been working on it and communicating with the folks there in Seagoville to get this cam into the public eye. I will be setting up a new thread for it at HWF. I’m in Texas and am proud to finally have a cam there!!! Hope we have eaglets!! Everybody–PLEASE go to the John Bunker Wetlands FB page and like them so they know the word is getting out. Thanks again!!

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