Jordan Lake eaglecam to be converted to a general wildlife cam

It looks like the eagle pair have decided not to return to the unfortunately collapsed nest from last year.  The Jordan Lake folks announced on their Facebook page today that they will be developing a general wildlife cam instead (they anticipate that eagles will be seen as well as other raptors and wildlife).  Here is a part of what is posted on their Facebook page:  (you can read the full announcement here: )

The Jordan Lake Eagle Nest-cam has gone through some major changes this summer after the unfortunate nest collapse of our nest last winter. We have been monitoring the nest site and it does not appear that the pair of eagles will be repairing or re-using the same nest. Instead of a nest focused live feed, we have set up a more all-purpose wildlife camera near the Jordan Lake Dam…..For the past several winters we have observed a migrating flock of juvenile and adult bald eagles at the dam site, with some daily counts of 25+ eagles. We also have regular osprey, blue heron, turkey and black vulture sightings, and countless other raptor, songbird, and other species sightings.

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