Film director looking for short video clips of Bald Eagles

Hi all, I’ve been contacted by Jerry Casagrande, the Director of a new film called On the Wing, who is looking for some short video clips of eagles to use in the film in a couple of places.

I’ve summarized Jerry’s note to me below on what they are looking for.  Feel free to contact him directly at: for more information if you believe you have footage or know someone who might have footage and be interested.

What is needed?:  HD original video of eagles (not screen capture).  “We have already finished shooting but have several places in the film where we need to insert footage of one or more eagles. For example, there are a couple places where we need footage of a soaring eagle; two places where we need footage of two eagles high in the branches of a tree; and one or two places where we need footage of baby eagles

What type of setting?:our setting is the east coast (Virginia) so the background needs to be passable as east coast forest.

What is it for?:  “A new independent film called On the Wing. It’s the story of four brave teens who uncover a plot by a corrupt politician and her oilman sidekick to slaughter bald eagles to get at the oil beneath their nesting site. It stars Corbin Bernsen (LA Law, Psych) and features Shirley Jones. It is a family film with a strong environmental message, both about our need to protect wildlife and our need to convert our nation to renewable energy.

Where can I find more information?:  They do have a website and Facebook pages here: and

What’s in it for you or your organization?:  “I’d be delighted to talk with you more about this and appreciate any help you can offer. We would of course give you a Special Thanks in the credits and give credit to your organization and all the cameramen and women who have taken the footage. We could also make a small donation to your organization.”

3 thoughts on “Film director looking for short video clips of Bald Eagles”

    1. Hi Sue, I don’t know who all Jerry reached out to – I’m sure it was a number of sites. I’m not directly involved. I just vetted the basic info from his initial contact to me, and decided to go ahead and pass on the request. Feel free to send the info along to Darrin or anyone else who may be interested. Twizz

  1. Darn, I don’t have any, but bet there are some good ones out there, how neat! The movie sounds like it is going to have a good message.

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