fyi: you may need to update old saved WildEarth cam links

Just an FYI, I see that WildEarth is getting rid of one version of the Internet link path to some cams.  I know in the past we did have some eaglecams that used the old “beta” link. I don’t know see any in my list now, but you might have old bookmarks, etc that could stop working.  In the past they had some links that were “beta.wildearth…”  they are dropping the beta part.  Below is the news release and here is the link:

Beta subdomain to be taken offline

The beta subdomain ( will be discontinued as all content can now be accessed by using the main domain or

Any shortcuts or bookmarks pointing to can be made to work again by repointing them to the main site through removing the ‘beta.’ part from the front.

E.g. the Pete’s Pond cam page on ‘beta’:

is to be changed to:

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