Update on eagle Harriet at SWFL – no major change, observations/info listed

Hi all, just wanted to recap the situation as I understand it with Harriet’s balance issues – in case you haven’t been able to track the situation directly (as of about 2pm Dec 22 nest time):

  • Harriet continues to have what look like balancing difficulties while walking/standing on the nest.
  • Ground observers say Harriet is flying strong and without any apparent difficulties
  • Unknown if she has been hunting (some believe they have seen crop drops so thinking positive there), and Ozzie did bring her a small meal this morning, which she ate
  • I’ve watched her perched for the last 15 minutes or so on the dead tree (cam 2) and don’t see any obvious injuries (to my inexpert eye).  She seems pretty stable, and standing on both feet, but did have one balance type bobble in the time I have watched when she tried to scratch her head with her talon.
  • She has been seen preening, which is a good thing
  • To my eye, she seems very alert , also a good thing.
  • The authorities continue to monitor the situation
  • No pip in the eggs yet, as far as anyone has determined
  • She had a bath at the pond

Her stance in the pic, with her wings out, is probably because she was drying from her bath.   Link to cam: http://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html

Link to another one of Urdognu’s great video’s – a compilation of observations: http://youtu.be/FpUae-tb41c


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