Maine I cam is up and running!

Many have been wondering if the Maine I cam would be running this year.  Maine II has been up for a while, and there wasn’t a lot of information on the plans for Maine I.  But as of yesterday, the cam is up and running.  Watching this nest is not for the faint of heart.  While there have been successfully fledged chicks, there has also been tragedy and loss of eaglets for the last few years.  Last season, as one eaglet killed the other due to apparent starvation, much discussion and outcry occurred (as you can imagine, with such a difficult thing to watch, emotions and wishes for intervention ran high), and as a result, many thought that the cam would not be streamed again.  My understanding is that the logistics for this cam are also difficult.  The tree cannot be accessed to repair or replace the cams.   However, for now, the cam is up again.   Link to cam:

7 thoughts on “Maine I cam is up and running!”

  1. Can you clarify….I thought Maine 1 and Maine 2 were different nest but when I read the little bit of information there is in the UStream page for each one, they seem to be the same?? Is there anywhere to get more info on these 2 nest? Thanks….love your site!!!

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