2014/2015 Season Egg Watch Calendar

Estimated time frame for eggs to arrive based on 2014 data (or the last year we had an egg at the nest) – but of course only Mother Nature knows for sure! To see the actual laying dates for this year when they happen, check the main Eagle Cam List, all of the 2015 dates are shown there next to each nest link.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “2014/2015 Season Egg Watch Calendar”

  1. Berry Eagle laid first egg Jan 7, 2015 between 2 am central time & 11:30 am central time. At 2 am, Jan7th, central time, she was standing up sleeping, at the far right side of nest, with head over her right shoulder. I left the cam at 2:30am and saw no egg at that time. Came back online at 11:30 am central Jan 7, 2015 & there was the first egg.

  2. Berry College eagle has 1st egg Jan 7, wed, 2015, last night she was standing up sleeping but today she has 1 egg in the nest. Time now is 11:37 Central time. By Last night I mean 2 am this morning the 7th of January

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