Bad News With The Good

Darn, looks like we won’t have the Boonshoft cams this year. Glad to hear that the eagle pair has returned to the area though! Thanks Eaglewood Eagle Watchers so much for the info!

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

You never know what the new year may hold, but that is part of the thrill of watching our eagles.

This winter has been an anomaly of sorts as Jim and Cindy have altered their routine. They were extremely hard to find for most of December which always gets me concerned. I look forward to the end of the year flirting as they chase each other, bring food to each other and touch beaks, but I have seen none of that recently. They should be constantly together and interacting in very affectionate ways. This activity reinforces their pair-bond and prepares them for mating and the long days of incubation that begins in the middle of February. Sometimes they do disappear for weeks and then eventually return but those excursions usually end by early December, and since there are so many man-made hazards as well as natural threats, I was beginning to worry…

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