Watch Caution Alert Update: SWFL nest – E6 gets lots of food – E5 seems lethargic

Well, things are changing on the nest, but I will continue to advise Watch Caution. E6 has received a number of wonderful feedings, but his behavior is occasionally difficult to watch, as he was cowering from even the parent offering food some of the time. He did get lots of food and full crop. New concern is growing for E5 who seems to be having trouble keeping his head up and has eaten very little. E5’s lack of interest in food was first attributed to being full, with a good crop, but watchers are noticing that after about a day of not eating, something else may be wrong. Hopefully not, but I will keep the caution active. I watched for as much as I could yesterday, and my heart was hurting just to watch E6 cowering and then quickly snapping food from the parent, although great to see E6 getting food. E6 is a fighter for sure! But it was hard to see the little one so cautious. Talons crossed that whatever is bothering E5 fixes itself soon, and the bonking does not resume.

5 thoughts on “Watch Caution Alert Update: SWFL nest – E6 gets lots of food – E5 seems lethargic”

  1. Seems like E5 is sick like E3 last year. Sure hope E5 gets better but it doesn’t look good, they seem to go down pretty quickly when they don’t eat. Last year I thought it was because of the rain and cold but I don’t think we had that this year.

  2. Thank you for keep the post going & the Watch Caution. Very much appreciated. How the “nest turns” w/both littles. Nature is something that changes daily. Hang in there E5 & E6 ❤

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