Critical Watch Alert: Disposal of the remains of E5 on the SWFL nest

I need to let you know that it appears that the the eagles are actively consuming (eating) E5’s remains on the nest.  This is a normal outcome in this situation.  Other results can be that the eaglet simply decomposes into the nest, or is removed.  In this case, it looks like consuming is what is being done.  This may be difficult to watch, and so I would advise not tuning in for perhaps a couple of days.  I’ll post an “all-clear” as soon as it is not obvious that it is underway, and encourage everyone to continue watching the nest going forward to cheer on E6, who looks to be doing very well at this point.

6 thoughts on “Critical Watch Alert: Disposal of the remains of E5 on the SWFL nest”

  1. We were all relieved when Ozzie removed E5 from the nest this afternoon. He took it to a tree by the pond and then dropped it. One of the “ground crew” alerted us and the Pritchetts collected E5 and turned her over to the FWC. The remains may or may not be tested by them. ( I just say her–we don’t know)

    1. I was so glad that Ozzie removed E5 and that they have retrieved E5. I was glad to do a “watch all-clear” and encourage people to watch again. E6 is such a kick!

  2. Checked in this afternoon and saw e5 was moved and Harriet had a fish kind of in the same area. I figured that was happening because of last year. Also her demeanor seemed so intense. It’s sad, and also makes you wonder so much about why it happened and what they are thinking and feeling. Wish there could be an examination of the body to learn more. Wonder if e5s behavior was an indication of some physical problem. Poor baby – so very sad.

    1. oh I am sorry, using eagle watcher jargon. In this case E5 is the name of a young eaglet who passed away last night on an eaglecam nest that is referred to as the Southwest Florida nest. The SWFL is an abbreviation for the nest name (SouthWest Florida). I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any time terms are unclear. Twizzkid

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