Watch All-Clear for Southwest Florida nest

All clear for watching the SWFL nest if you were staying away for a bit due to the loss of eaglet E5.  Dad eagle Ozzie removed the remains of E5 today from the nest, so it is not visible anymore on the camera feed.  It is wonderful to watch E6 as he/she continues to grow!   Amazingly the remains were collected by FWC on the ground, who will decide if any testing will be done.  At least there is a chance we might find out what happened, although they are not promising that anything will be done at this point.    Link to cam:

10 thoughts on “Watch All-Clear for Southwest Florida nest”

  1. I suspect testing is usually done if it can change the outcome…unless it is environmental….like polluted water they drink or toxic food sources etc …which could help to corrected…it seems strange that two eaglets in a row died this way…makes one wonder…..

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