Decorah – will we have an eaglecam or an owlcam? Owls making themselves at home on the eagle’s nest

There sure is an interesting development going on at the Decorah N2 nest.  In recent days, a Great Horned Owl pair has been making themselves very cozy on the nest, doing work on a nest bowl and otherwise making themselves at home.   Mom and Dad Decorah have defended the nest vigorously a few times, but the jury is out on who will eventually occupy the nest.  Bob Anderson, in a radio interview that you can hear here: theorizes that whoever lays eggs first may win the occupancy rights for the year.   His ideal scenario would be that the owls use the old nest (N1) and the eagles use the new nest (N2), so we can watch both.   (the pic with this post is a composite I put together, to show relative size difference)   There are some great videos of owl visits and Mom and Dad defending N2.  link to cam: A couple of video links of some of the interactions are listed below:

DragonLainey’s video from Friday night – the sounds the eagle makes are really interesting:

5 thoughts on “Decorah – will we have an eaglecam or an owlcam? Owls making themselves at home on the eagle’s nest”

  1. Have the Decorah cam up right now and the GHO is on the nest trying to make her nest bowl and hooting some. She looks small compared to the eagles.

  2. We will see how this all plays out. Loving all creatures it will be a blessing to observe Eagles or GHOs. My prayer is for the Ma and Pa Decorah to prevail. As Bob stated and we know, there is another nest with a cam available to the GHOs.

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