A first egg and a new chapter begins at the Eagles4kids nest!

With a very exciting surprise, mom eagle Blair arrived and laid her first egg tonight at the Eagles4kids nest!   It has been a long couple of years at this nest with the touching story of Larry and Lucy and their challenges.  Now, a new pair (okay, well maybe the male isn’t new – but can’t be sure, so..)  begins a family at this nest.   Big congrats to all who love and watch this nest, as well as the kids of Eagles4kids!   Link to cams: http://www.eagles4kids.com/

7 thoughts on “A first egg and a new chapter begins at the Eagles4kids nest!”

  1. Did not know Lucy was no longer mate to Larry. Where can I find out what this is about. She had a sore foot…saw photos in field last season. What a shame if she could not be helped but suspect no one really knows what happened to her.

    1. Hi, the short summary is that Lucy lost her foot completely but then laid a non-viable egg two seasons ago and was doing amazingly well with her disability – even hunting! Then last season, no eggs were laid and she just flew away from the nest in March (I think it was March) and didn’t return, and hasn’t been sighted since then. It appeared at one point that Larry came back (but not confirmed), but there is definitely a new female. I thought there was a link on the eagles4kids page with the story but I’m not seeing it at the moment. If I find a good link I’ll let you know. Twizz

    1. There is a post on the Eagles4kids page saying that although it looks a lot like Larry,. there is no way to be absolutely certain, so they are not calling him Larry. Hope that helps! Twizz

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