Watch Caution Alert for the Eagles4kids nest

I was a little bit on the fence about this one, but I think it warrants a watch caution, so that you can make a knowledgeable decision for your own watching.   There is much happiness that a new pair has emerged at the Eagles4kids nest, but a last minute change in who is the male of the pair has resulted in two eggs laid, which so far, he has chosen not to incubate.  No one is sure why he isn’t incubating, but I think most just feel that the pair did not have enough time together to form a good enough bond before eggs were laid. It is possible that male that was around until just recently is the father of the eggs, rather than the current male.

The new male had brought the female “Blair” some food just after incubation began, but since then has neither brought food or provided incubation.  Blair had to leave the nest this morning for over an hour (hopefully to get food). The watch caution is simply that while Blair is making heroic attempts at incubating without support, unless the male begins to take some duties, the effort is likely to fail.

After the roller coaster of emotions that we have gone through at this nest, this current situation and possible difficult outcome may be enough for some people to choose not to watch.  While we celebrate the hopeful beginnings of a new pair bond, to failure of the eggs and Blair’s attempts may be a bit hard to watch.   I have to admit, as much as I love this nest and the wonderful folks associated with it, I am having some trouble, even if it is only with my heart, in watching Blair try so hard.  I know it is nature, but so are our hearts, and that’s okay too.

8 thoughts on “Watch Caution Alert for the Eagles4kids nest”

  1. i agree with u. i love this nest from lucy & larry.. it is very hard to watch. i know its nature.but to see her try to hard.. it brings me to tears at times.

  2. Twizz,
    Thank you for the heads up. You are such a caring soul. I knew the other day, when Blair had to leave the eggs unattended, that we did not have a good situation. Then I read another post about all the drama at the nest. It’s not one I watch daily, so I did not know we had 2 competing males. I know this is nature, but not at her finest. I will keep up on the posts, but this is a nest I can not watch. Too much sadness simply breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with this nest. I would like to see everything work out for them.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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