First egg arrives at the Minnesota Bound nest!

Yoohoo! The first egg has arrived at MN Bound!  Good timing, the cam has only been up for a few days and voila we have an egg!  Big congrats to all who love and follow this nest!!  I still have a picture up on the wall of little Harmon being rescued a few seasons ago in 2012. “Hey Buddy” still gives me chills.  Link to cam:

One thought on “First egg arrives at the Minnesota Bound nest!”

  1. Twizz,
    Thanks for the update. Mom is a fast worker! I first started watching eagle cams in 2011 when I visited Ft Myers, FL. There was a lot of publicity about Ozzie & Harriet there. I did not know about the MNBOUND nest until precious Harmon made the news. There are so many nests one can watch, but one like this is a must. There was such an outpouring of loving and caring for this little guy. I think “Hey Buddy” touched all our hearts. I loved the song one of the viewers composed and recorded. Twizz, I will always remember how we waited for Mom and Dad to come back, and sure enough they did.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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