Critical Watch Alert – Minnesota DNR – loss of an eaglet

As just reported, the smallest eaglet at the Minnesota DNR nest has died. I am doing a critical watch alert due to the fact that some may not want to watch as the perished eaglet is disposed of at the nest.  There are a few possibilities.  It could simply be absorbed into the nesting material, the parents may feed it to the remaining eaglets, or it may be removed from the nest.  At the moment, the little one is in the bottom of the nest bowl, essentially under the two that remain.  The little one is not very easy to see, but it is visible (although not in the picture I have posted here).  I will post an “all-clear” once it has been resolved.   My condolences to the many who watch and love this nest.

“It may be nature’s way, but so is the love in our hearts”.. Twizzkid

8 thoughts on “Critical Watch Alert – Minnesota DNR – loss of an eaglet”

  1. Twizz,
    Thank you for the alert. This is a nest I watch. I was quite concerned about this precious little one. So sad. It will be hard for me to watch for awhile. Mom and Dad are good, caring parents. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their remaining 2 chicks.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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