Sad loss of the littlest eaglet at the Minnesota DNR nest

I am sad to report that the smallest eaglet at the Minnesota DNR nest has died.  You may decide that you do not want to watch for the next day or so as things unfold with potential disposal of the eaglet by the parents.  Will do a Critical Watch Alert shortly with more information.  I am just watching a feeding now and am glad to see that the remaining two are both getting fed well, with #2 getting food even with some bonking from #1

9 thoughts on “Sad loss of the littlest eaglet at the Minnesota DNR nest”

  1. Very sad new to see. I have been w/out a computer for over 2 1/2 weeks. I have been catching up for hours 😉 😦 Thank you for your updates & your dedication to this community of Eagle lovers. I will read more your post to catch up on all nest & then think about watching. I saw the removel of E5 this season so I will send Eagles prayer to them both to meet & use their new Eagle wings to watch over all the new eaglets that do not survive this year. There are alway’s the first that lead the last into a new adventure w/eagle wings. RIP Little Eagle #3 U will b missed but never forgotten. ❤ ❤ to all

  2. Soar high and free sweet little one. Watch over the others. There were many waiting to guide the way. ❤

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