Amazing news for the eagle pair Dad Norfolk and the Missus – eaglets!!!!

Based on activity seen at the nest, it is strongly believed that Dad Norfolk and the Missus have at least one new eaglet!  If you have followed the story of the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagles, you will know why this is such amazing and wonderful news!   If you are not familiar with the story, it is a saga that has played out in the past few years as the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagles went from a beloved eaglecam family, to a situation where the cam was turned off,  government tore down the eagle’s nests (9 times) and a group of people who loved the eagles and cam got together forming the Eagle On Alliance, and who sued the government for harassing the eagles.   That Dad Norfolk and his current ‘Missus’ (who interestingly is also a relative) have found a new place to nest on private land, laid eggs and now have successfully hatched at least one eaglet is heartwarming and incredible!  While they are no longer on cam, I’ve included a couple of links below if you are not familiar and would like to know more about the story.

The Eagle On Alliance website:

Facebook page:

Information about the relationship (father-daughter) of Dad Norfolk and his current mate and more background on the eagle family:



11 thoughts on “Amazing news for the eagle pair Dad Norfolk and the Missus – eaglets!!!!”

    1. Debbie – Apparently “DT” (also known as #3 or the Missus) decided to move on. Who can blame her, since she wasn’t allowed to nest?! The new lady in town happened to be HE, banded 5 year old daughter of Dad Norfolk. I think the bands were seen to confirm this only a couple of months ago. Some have been referring to Dad’s new mate as “tHE Missus” to recognize her band letters and to tell her apart from the original Missus (DT, #3) when discussing them.

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