Sadly one egg lost at the Pittsburgh Hays nest

They are reporting that one egg has been broken.  They believe it happened yesterday and have noted that it appears that the chick inside was not developing (for me, it helps to know that, especially this late in incubation, making it a tiny bit easier to deal with).  Talons crossed that the remaining egg hatches as expected in about 10 days.  Condolences to all who follow and love this nest.  Cautionary note, although they are indicating that the egg had not developed, I believe the egg shell fragments are still in the nest bowl, so if this is difficult, you may want to avoid this cam for a bit.  Unless I see that there are actual remains, I won’t do an official Watch Caution in this instance.

9 thoughts on “Sadly one egg lost at the Pittsburgh Hays nest”

  1. So sorry to hear this sad news … let’s think positive for the other egg! Last year’s trifecta were wonderful. I’m sorry to Pitt/Hays chatters.

  2. Oh no, but like you said it is easier to know it hadn’t developed. Thanks so much for all your wonderful update. I don’t even go to the nest cams until I look here. Your always my first stop.

  3. I am sending my condolences to all eagle lovers. It hurts to know that the egg was not viable and that an eaglet won’t be born because of this. I know this is all part of nature, a little easier to deal with.

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