Sadly, an unexpectedly empty nest at hatch time for the IWS Sauces nest

We were on hatch watch at Sauces, and then remnants of a broken shell were seen being removed from the nest bowl.   Was it a hatch we couldn’t see in that deep nest bowl?  Sadly it was not. It appears that the egg has broken.  Dr. Sharpe, the director of the program has indicated that it is likely that the egg was non-viable (so no developed chick inside).   Here is Dr. Sharpe’s statement:

“It appears that the Sauces nest failed today. The egg likely broke midday, based upon the adults’ behavior. Because a healthy, full-term chick would fill an egg, making it hard to break, it is likely that the egg was either infertile or the chick died early in development and the recent heat may have caused the rotting egg to explode. Although there is time for another clutch, we have not seen a pair lay another clutch of eggs after incubating more than a couple of weeks. Hopefully they will have better luck next year.”

Many condolences to those who love and watch this nest and to this pair who have had a rough go in the past couple of years with no successful hatches.


4 thoughts on “Sadly, an unexpectedly empty nest at hatch time for the IWS Sauces nest”

  1. So sorry to hear this news. Will send lots of prayers their way for better luck ❤ Never easy to hear news like this..

  2. It is very sad 😦 heartbroken to think we had gotten so far and then to find out the nest had failed. Will look forward to little ones at Two Harbors and West End. Looking good there, but we have a bit longer to wait. Thanks to IWS and all they do and have done to restore bald eagles to So Cal over the last many years.

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