SWFL update – ‘very likely Ozzie’

CROW, (Clinic for the Rehabilitation for Wildlife) where the injured eagle found in Ft Myers is being treated has released a statement saying that it is very likely that it is Ozzie based on the id information they received and that he has a broken clavicle.  So glad he is in good hands!  Their statement is below as well as a link to their FB page (which has a picture) and their website.

It is extremely likely that the bald eagle the ‪#‎CROWClinic‬ received from MyFWC yesterday is “Ozzie” from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. Upon recent examination it was confirmed that the bald eagle does have a fractured clavicle and will need a few weeks of rehabilitation at CROW. Pictured below is the bald eagle being examined prior to his radiograph. We will keep you posted and thanks for your support!

CROW Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/CROWClinic/timeline

CROW website: http://crowclinic.org/


9 thoughts on “SWFL update – ‘very likely Ozzie’”

  1. I saw Harriett in the tree late this afternoon, turning her head all around. I know she was looking for Ozzie. I pray they will be able to be reunited and E6 will learn from Mom how to survive. Heal well and quickly Ozzie!

  2. As of 9 pm, Harriet (mom) has been in and out of the nest today, and is in the nest tree (per eagle cam blog). They expect by morning E6 will be hungry and Harriet will get back to hunting. She keeps looking for Ozzie, though.

  3. My heart is broken to know that Ozzie is hurt. But, he couldn’t be in better hands. I am thankful that Ozzie was found so quickly. God bless the person(s) who found him and stayed with him until CROW arrived. He could not be in better hands. I visit Sanibel once a year and I know the exemplary work done by CROW. Ozzie will get the very best of care. The SWFL eagle cam was the very first nest I ever watched back in 2011/12. It was love at first sight-Ha! It is the primary nest I watch. I love this family and pray that they will be back together. Twizz, thank you for your updates. I know you will always keep us posted. I’m off to light a candle. Thanks, Twizz.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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