Watch Caution – Confusion and Loss at the Sutton Sequoyah nest

It has been a very confusing time this year at the Sutton Sequoyah nest.  While eagle mom has soldiered on incubating two eggs, dad was just not around much.  Yesterday, one egg appeared to start hatching with chatters noting they saw movement and an egg tooth, and then today, mom left the eggs for a bit (which she needed to do periodically) and dad (pretty sure it was dad by chatters) came in and removed the apparently hatching egg out of the nest bowl.  The camera has remained zoomed in, so no confirmation on what the eagle did with the egg.  Mom reappeared and began incubating the remaining egg as she is as I write this now, but it did look like the other eagle came back trying get at the remaining egg.  Mom eagle did not let that happen.  Some say they believe they have seen evidence that the remaining egg may also be hatching.    Some theorize that ‘dad’ may not be the father of the eggs and so is destroying them as they hatch.  This is a phenomenon that has been noted before with eagles.  Or that the hatch wasn’t successful. I don’t have enough information to speculate, but something is sure going on. The picture shown here is the eagle rolling the egg out of the nest bowl.  It has been a tough year for this pair and those who watch and my condolences go out to all.

3 thoughts on “Watch Caution – Confusion and Loss at the Sutton Sequoyah nest”

  1. Poor baby! Glad I don’t watch this nest on a regular basis, I just check in from time to time. I’m afraid if “dad’ did it once, he will do it again. My condolences to all who watch this nest.

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