Interview with CROW regarding injured eagle Ozzie

Ginnie from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam stopped by CROW to interview Dr. Barron, CROW’s Hospital Director regarding the famous bald eagle, Ozzie from Southwest Florida’s Eagle Cam. Currently Ozzie is receiving treatment and rehabilitation at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) on Sanibel Island, FL.

3 thoughts on “Interview with CROW regarding injured eagle Ozzie”

  1. Great interview,great questions!! And some positive answers;thank goodness. Tough to hear the 15% survival rate of eaglets. I wish so much Ossie could have been prioritized by the ‘powers that be’ and have a tracker device put on him. So many thousands of his fans would want this and wish someone could speak for us all in that regard before his release. I pray he will be able to be released and soon..Comforting to hear how he will call for her, and I hope we get to see something in the territorial nest area on Cam. These people at CROW are simply amazing. Thanks for the update.

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