Pip – Third hatch in progress at Decorah!

Yay!  Looks like little eaglet D23 is working on exiting that shell on a very windy day at Decorah.  I didn’t see it, but I see in chat that it looks like Mom Decorah actually got blown off the nest for a second earlier. yikes.  All is well as I watch now.   Link to cam: http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles

2 thoughts on “Pip – Third hatch in progress at Decorah!”

  1. My mother was born and farm raised Winn. County. I live in southern Ca. now but spent many summers on my grandparents farm in that county in my childhood. Been to Decorah, many times. Lots of great memories. Heaven on earth to be raised or experience rural life especially as a child there. Highlight as a child going to Decorah, was getting a Bismark. A simple, but delicious, pleasure.
    Now seeing the eagles first time this yr.. on the live cam I often feel overwhelmed. Always have loved animals and wildlife; north American wildlife prints and especially birds.. are my collecting passion.
    Many tears just feeling touched being able to see them so close.
    And the sounds of the local birds in the morning on the live cam!! That really sends my mind and heart back in time to the winged creatures indigenous to the area. I said to myself this morning watching and listening to the eagle cam, “Oh my goodness! Its an orchestra!” Warms me greatly.
    Thank you to all a thousand times over for this live cam. It IS simply thee BEST reality show going. SINCERELY.

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