Critical Watch Alert – loss of a chick at Ft St Vrain

I am hearing reports that the youngest chick at Ft St Vrain has perished and is being fed to the other chicks.  I can see what appears to be the chick that died visible on the nest, so issuing a Watch Alert (it is not shown in the picture attached).   I have not been able to independently verify the situation, but the info is from a good source and I’d rather do an alert than have people stumble upon the difficult scene without warning.

13 thoughts on “Critical Watch Alert – loss of a chick at Ft St Vrain”

  1. Well, thanks Twizz, it was a long week, but blood clot is dissolving in my lung, and the pneumonia is under control. Rather think seeing the loss of one of “my chicks” could well have caused me more stress at a time I didn’t need it. Home finally, and my little feather family looks all well and good. Eagle vibes accepted and they are doing the trick. Again, thanks for all you do, you are amazing. Well, hoping 28 and 29 live to fledge and fly free….

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