An Easter Morning Hatch at Catalina West End!

What a beautiful thing to witness as it always is, but on a special morning to many, a very special hatchling emerges in the legacy of the Queen of Catalina,  eagle Wray, on what was Wray’s nest for so many years.  Still working to completely free itself from the egg in this picture, it rests its little head on mom K-91’s foot for a short break.   Thank you to IWS for the beautiful view and big congrats to all who love and follow this nest!  Oh and to Superman too!  (dad eagle).  Link to cam:

7 thoughts on “An Easter Morning Hatch at Catalina West End!”

  1. Been watching cams since 2006 Norfolk (one fifth of my life) and count every year as a gift. To witness the wonderment, fascination and behavior by new mom Thunder the past 36 hours has been a true gem, especially through this tumultuous season. I share my birthday this year with Easter so this gift seems very special to me and yet without my 14 yr. old huskypup who enjoyed “eagle seasons” with me for 9 years it is bittersweet not having her ears perk at trills or nose me for a walk break but I recognize the gifts of nature and the fine balance of life is ever present/continuing and appreciated by those who also take the time to recognize, slow down and adhere respect to all we share this world with.
    Its so heartening to see & witness while I cry in the inside and yet smile at the miracles occurring. Sorry to be such an emotional softie but I couldn’t think of a better nor poignant example to witness/spend my birthday this year. MN/Moonhuskygirl

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