Critical Watch Alert – loss of smallest chick at NCTC

I am sad to report that the smallest chick at the NCTC Shepherdstown nest has died.  The information I have seen is that it ended up caught under a fish brought in by a parent as well as the parent holding the fish down and was unable to free itself.  Very hard for those who were watching the nest at the time and many hugs to those who love and follow this nest.  Watch Alert is because the perished little one is visible on the nest at this time.

7 thoughts on “Critical Watch Alert – loss of smallest chick at NCTC”

  1. OH wait were there 3 eaglets??? and the smallest just died? I am confused now.. I thought the 3rd one died days ago… so sorry…. I am really confused right now. I saw the 2nd one way off on back of nest alone not moving, then it got up… oh wow… I think I don’t know what is happening.. so sorry again

    1. no problem. yes there were three up until this morning. It was the third that died, but later in the day some people were concerned about the second one. But the second one seems okay now. It sure can get confusing! Twizz

  2. Twizz,
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all those who watch and follow this nest. That precious, precious baby. I can only imagine how I would feel as a witness. I agree with Skye about the accidents. I hope everyone involved with this nest feels our collective and supportive hugs from Eagle Nation on their accidental and tragic loss.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

  3. Heart breaking.. I am so sorry to hear. My heart goes out the parents as well as all who witnessed this awful scene. How tragic and sad. The worst situations, I think, are the accidents. Fly forever free sweet baby. ❤

  4. So very sad…My prayers go out to all who loved and followed this nest…So very sorry for the loss of this very young chick.

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