Critical Watch Alert – sad loss of an eaglet at Ft St Vrain

Sadly, it looks like we have lost one of the eaglets at Ft St Vrain.  The other eaglet seems to be doing hanging in and was seen eating and active earlier. The weather has just been brutal and the parents have been heroic in protecting both eaglets.  But it appears that it wasn’t enough.  This is just so hard.  Sometimes it feels like all I am reporting is this sad stuff.  sigh.   Thankfully there are lots of thriving nests that are a joy to watch too.  As we always say, it is nature and it is real.  Some days more real than we’d like than others.  Sorry for the editorializing, not the news I wanted to report on my bday – or any other day really.   Critical watch alert since the perished eaglet is visible in the nest bowl area.

19 thoughts on “Critical Watch Alert – sad loss of an eaglet at Ft St Vrain”

  1. Thanks Twizzkid for all of your patience and kind words and all you do. I have never seen an Eagle outside in my world [near Toronto] and it is so rewarding to be able to read your updates and yes, some are sad. Belated Happy Birthday.

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