Tragic loss of an eaglet during banding today

Sadly, the eaglet at the Catalina West End nest died in the arms of the biologist during banding today.  Here is part of what was posted this afternoon about what happened.

We are sorry to report that the bald eagle chick on the West End of Santa Cruz(Note: Assume he meant Catalina) Island died shortly after biologists retrieved the bird from the nest to be banded. The bird was not showing any signs of stress, when it hung its head and died while being held by Dr. Sharpe. This is the only death that has ever occurred during a nest visit and banding. Sometimes there are pre-existing congenita

Here is a link to the cam discussion if you would like to offer condolences to those who loved this eaglet:   I know also that because it happened during banding, many may have strong feelings regarding the situation,  so I have started a special discussion post on Eagleholic Talk, an independent forum where you can post your thoughts.

18 thoughts on “Tragic loss of an eaglet during banding today”

  1. I’m totally devastated, I love this this nest so much! I cried like a baby, life is sometimes so cruel!!!
    RIP sweet Baby 😦

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