Fledge and Branch Report

Lots of activity at the nests in the past week or two.  Sorry that I haven’t kept up with reporting all of the fledging and branching.  I did a quick tour of the cams today and have listed below my best understanding of recent fledges and newly started branching.  Don’t hesitate to correct me if I get it wrong.

Duke Farms: 1 fledged, 1 branched
NCTC: 1 fledged, 1 branched
Ft St Vrain: branched, possibly fledged, not confirmed
Harrison Bay: 1 fledged, 1 branched
Turtle Bay: all 3 fledged
Hanover: 1 fledge confirmed
MN Bound: both branching

7 thoughts on “Fledge and Branch Report”

  1. I have been watching out for Aspen at the FSV nest. It appears he fledged. I just worry maybe he /she got hurt. Haven’t seen the eaglet since Tuesday night. Is this nest on a private property? just wondering in case the eaglet is hurt.

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