Necropsy results on what happened to the Catalina West End eaglet

The Institute of Wildlife Studies (IWS) today posted the information they received on the apparent cause of death for the eaglet at the Catalina West End nest that died as they started the banding process about a month ago.  Here is their info:

“We have received the necropsy report from the the Wildlife Investigations Laboratory of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on the West End chick that died on May 28. The nestling had symptoms of acute septicemia (bacterial infection in the blood), and this was the apparent cause of death.”

They also said that it was a girl, and many watchers have unofficially named her Angel.

13 thoughts on “Necropsy results on what happened to the Catalina West End eaglet”

  1. Hmm, interesting. I wonder if that had something to do with her lethargy, she seemed to sleep more than normal, I thought so anyway. I miss her, miss the family and I am pleased to learn the name she was given, she is an angel…

  2. how does this happen? was the sweet baby born with it then? Still, so many questions unanswered, i guess they get the sickness just like the rest of us then, & i like her name “Angel” , Bless her

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