New webcam – wild Condor chick in nest in Big Sur, California

Not a Bald eagle cam, but I just saw an announcement today of the first ever streaming wild condor cam brought online by the Ventana Wildlife Society.  Way cool!  The chick is about 4 months old and is expected to fledge in October.   About the only thing I know about condors is that they are very endangered (and that I should know more about them since I live right on the edge of their main territories).  One statistic I saw was that As of Oct 31, 2012, the total condor population was 409 birds and 232 of those were in the wild.  Yikes!  It is very exciting to see a Condor cam come online and learn a little bit more about them and the progress that is being made in their recovery!    Here is a link to cam:

3 thoughts on “New webcam – wild Condor chick in nest in Big Sur, California”

  1. Very cool find Twizz, thanks. Reading back in their blog it looks like the VWS are watching 5 different nestlings in the area, awesome they were able to hook up a cam deep inside that redwood tree, apparently was a near monumental task! This guy will be fun to follow as we wait for the eagles to return! ^5 Twizz 😀

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the info on the Condor cam. I know it isn’t an eagle cam, but I think we all will enjoy watching this beautiful little baby grow up and fledge.

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