News from the Nests

Here is a roundup of recent news/info from the Bald Eaglecam nests:

Berry College:  Cam work underway with both cameras being changed out

Eagles4kids: Cams are up and running for season 6.  An eagle was seen on cam on Monday Aug 31 for the first time

AEF Northeast Florida: Dad eagle Romeo has returned to the nest from his summer travels!

Hancock Wildlife:  Unfortunately the Delta 2 nest tree was destroyed in a storm.  Plans going forward this year, will be mainly focused on the White Rock nest.  Funding and other factors will determine if other nests come online.

Southwest Florida: No sign of Ozzie yet, but Harriet and FV (Freqent Visitor) have been consistently in the area.

IWS West End and Two Harbors:  Eagles continue to be active and visit the nests often, and the cams are set to pan and show the beautiful ocean views.  Cam renovations are intermittently underway at this time.

(picture is first visit of an eagle to the Eagles4kids cam this year.  Many believe it may be Taylor)


12 thoughts on “News from the Nests”

  1. I’m saddened by the news of Delta 2. I hope the Eagles won’t to too far in search of a new nest. I see White Rock looks like it’s had a couple of rowdy’s with the Eaglets doing a little demolishing LOL. I’m looking forward to another wonderful season.

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